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Recent activities

  • uppercornerhockey created a new topic Easiest way to Saucer Pass Tutorial in the forums.

    I've been told by many that have seen this video... that it has helped them out so much with their saucer pass on the ice and in roller.

    Someone just emailed me saying "easiest way to saucer pass! thanks for the tutorial"

    So i figured it would make for a good title! I followed it up with an article here
    wall 10 hours ago Comment
  • onehockey
    OneHockey, a PREMIER tournament group, we are hosting a tournaments all over the world.

    Since 2003 OneHockey has hosted tournament in

    Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Texas

    Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec & New Brunswick

    Latvia (1st tournament May 2015)

    More more about OneHockey now at
    profile 1 day ago Comment
  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic CCM: RBZ Super Fast vs Tacks in the forums.
    With CCM recently releasing 2 new sticks, the RBZ Super Fast and Tacks, they are really getting into great technology. Reebok-CCM I think has the best technology around. But as a comparison for these sticks, I don't know which one is better. What do you all think?

    The RBZ Super Fast, which is somewhat similar to the Reebok Sickick 4 line or Bauer Vapor line, has 2 kick points and some material in the blade. It's powered by the technology of Taylor Made golf clubs, just like the previous 2 RBZ sticks are. However, near the bottom of the shaft, it's all red with CCM in white, unlike the first RBZ and RBZ Stage 2, where it's white with CCM in red. Not to mention, it has better technology than the first two.

    The Tacks sticks, on the other hand, are more similar to Reebok's RibCor or Bauer's Nexus line. They have a kick point in the middle of the shaft as well as another kick point near the heel of the blade. The stick has a nice looking finish, with black and gold. They kind of remind me of the U+ Crazy Light. Speaking of which, both the RBZ and Tacks sticks are light. I don't know which one is better though. Tell me what you think.
    wall 2 days ago Comment
  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic Frozen, my idea for a hockey parody of it in the forums.
    Any of you liked the Disney movie "Frozen"? I liked it and all those award winning songs were good too. As a matter of fact, 4 characters have first names of professional hockey players. For example, the snowman, Olaf, is the first name of Olaf Kolzig, a former goalie for the Washington Capitals. Because of this, I want to make a parody of it, but with some hockey. You saw Anna and Elsa figure skate in the movie, but now, I want to replace them with Alex Ovechkin playing Anna and Sidney Crosby playing Elsa, but they will play hockey instead. Also, Olaf Kolzig will replace Olaf the snowman, a character named Kristoff will be played by an ECHL player named Kristoff Kontos (he plays for the Orlando Solar Bears), Hans will be played by former ECHL player named Hans Benson, and the moose, Sven, I was going to replace with Sven Baertschi, who is in the Calgary Flames system, but it would be more logical to replace him with a Zamboni. As for the songs, I already know what I want to rename 2 songs. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" will become "Do You Want to Build a Goalie" and "Love is an Open Door" will become "Love is an Empty Net". But I don't know what to rename "Let it Go" and "For the First Time in Forever". Anybody have any ideas?
    I can't wait to make this parody. It will be funny. What do you all think?
    wall 2 days ago Comment
  • I don't know about playing hockey, but just getting them used to being on skates would be good.
    wall 3 days ago Comment
  • crewchief created a new topic So i's coachin in Omaha in the forums.
    And Eddie Shore sends me this kid..................................
    wall 3 days ago Comment

  • Read the full article here

    If you play hockey! you'll make mistakes but doesn't mean you aren't trying! Keep at it and don't be afraid to make mistakes!

    wall 5 days ago Comment
  • Hockeytube created a new topic Connor Bowey Dishes Huge Hits in the forums.

    Okanagan Rockets #3 Connor Bowey dishes out a couple of huge hits against the South Island Royals. He's the younger brother of WHL's Kelowna Rockets captain Madison Bowey who was drafted by Washington Caps.
    wall 5 days ago Comment
  • Zivic created a new topic Custom painted mask for sale - Joker in the forums.
    Did a custom paint job on this mask for a client who has apparently going through some troubles leaving me to sell the mask to recoup the money. It is a Hackva model, painted using House of Kolor and other automotive grade urethane paints. It has several coats of high gloss automotive clear coat cut and buffed for high shine. Asking $850.00

    wall 6 days ago Comment
  • bbminded created a new topic Sweat Band Help? in the forums.
    I have recently decided to start playing goalie in an adult "beer hockey" league. I am currently 35yo, and last time I played goalie the butterfly technique had not been adopted yet.....

    But to get to my biggest frustration that I am currently having has to do with sweat getting in my eye's. I have a NXI Phantom helmet with the Cate-eyes's mask. I have two sweat bands that velcro into the helmet. I wear a Skull cap as well as a runners type sweat band.

    I just recently ordered and have tried those one time use disposable sweat liners that go into helmets for sports or hard hats, baseball caps etc..
    Its helped some, but I still find myself being blinded temporarily due to sweat dripping in my eyes. Is it possible that by wearing the Skull cap its doing the opposite of what its supposed to do and not allowing my head to "breathe" better?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated? Thanks
    wall 8 days ago Comment
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