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  • uppercornerhockey created a new topic Hockey Fundraising Idea in the forums.

    Looking for a good idea for hockey fundraising with low to no cost to you?

    Check out

    also read my full article here

    wall 2 days ago Comment
  • Devin, did you ever fart while putting your leg up in the air when you scored a goal? HAHA
    wall 4 days ago Comment
  • TonytheTout uploaded a new avatar
    profile 4 days ago Comment
  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic Trade and Draft Update in the forums.
    I agree. Neal was a force offensively. Although Hornqvist and Spaling can score too, they don't score as consistently as Neal did.
    wall 4 days ago Comment
  • Let me revise my picks again. All the players I picked previously are on different teams now and I want every team to be represented at this coming all star game. Here is the P.A. announcer's script with my picks:

    "Ladies and gentlemen!!! Boys and girls of all ages!!!! Welcome to the 60th NHL All Star Game!!!! Now, let's meet the 2015 NHL All Stars!!!!"

    (Players come out, Crowd cheers)

    "First let's meet Team Crosby!!!!"

    "From the Arizona Coyotes, on defense, number 3, Keith Yandle!!!!"
    "From the Edmonton Oilers, at left wing, number 4, Taylor Hall!!!!"
    "From the Calgary Flames, on defense, number 5, Mark Giordano!!!!"
    "From the Nashville Predators, on defense, number 6, Shea Weber!!!!"
    "From the San Jose Sharks, at right wing, number 8, Joe Pavelski!!!!"
    "From the Winnipeg Jets, at left wing, number 9, Evander Kane!!!!"
    "From the Carolina Hurricanes, at center, number 12, Eric Staal!!!!"
    "From the Winnipeg Jets, at left wing, number 16, Andrew Ladd!!!!"
    "From the Nashville Predators, at right wing, number 18, James Neal!!!!"
    "From the Arizona Coyotes, at right wing, number 19, Shane Doan!!!!"
    "From the Minnesota Wild, on defense, number 20, Ryan Suter!!!!"
    "From the Buffalo Sabres, at right wing, number 26, Matt Moulson!!!!"
    "From the New York Rangers, on defense, number 27, Ryan McDonagh!!!!"
    "From the Pittsburgh Penguins, in goal, number 29, Marc-Andre Fleury!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, in goal, number 30, Ryan Miller!!!!"
    "From the Boston Bruins, on defense, number 33, Zdeno Chara!!!!"
    "From the Arizona Coyotes, in goal, number 41, Mike Smith!!!!"
    "From the Arizona Coyotes, at center, number 50, Antoine Vermette!!!!"
    "From the Florida Panthers, on defense, number 51, Brian Campbell!!!!"
    "From the Pittsburgh Penguins, at center, number 71, Evgeni Malkin!!!!"
    "From the Chicago Blackhawks, at left wing, number 81, Marian Hossa!!!!"
    "From the San Jose Sharks, on defense, number 88, Brent Burns!!!!"
    "From the Tampa Bay Lightning, at right wing, number 91, Steven Stamkos!!!!"
    "And from the Pittsburgh Penguins, at center, the captain, number 87, Sidney Crosby!!!!"
    "The Head Coach for Team Crosby, from the New York Rangers, Alain Vigneault!!!! His assistants, from the Arizona Coyotes, Dave Tippett!!!! And from the San Jose Sharks, McLellan!!!!"

    (Crowd cheers)

    "Now let's meet Team Johnson!!!!"

    "From the Colorado Avalanche, in goal, number 1, Semyon Varlamov!!!!"
    "From the Chicago Blackhawks, on defense, number 2, Duncan Keith!!!!"
    "From the Ottawa Senators, on defense, number 3, Marc Methot!!!!"
    "From the Los Angeles Kings, on defense, number 8, Drew Doughty!!!!"
    "From the Minnesota Wild, at center, number 11, Zach Parise!!!!"
    "From the New Jersey Devils, at left wing, number 13, Mike Cammaleri!!!!"
    "From the Detroit Red Wings, at right wing, number 14, Gustav Nyquist!!!!"
    "From the Anaheim Ducks, at right wing, number 15, Ryan Getzlaf!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at right wing, number 17, Radim Vrbata!!!!"
    "From the St. Louis Blues, at left wing, number 20, Alexander Steen!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at left wing, number 22, Daniel Sedin!!!!"
    "From the Philadelphia Flyers, at center, number 28, Claude Giroux!!!!"
    "From the Montreal Canadiens, in goal, number 31, Carey Price!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at center, number 33, Henrik Sedin!!!!"
    "From the Washington Capitals, on defense, number 44, Brooks Orpik!!!!"
    "From the New York Rangers, at left wing, number 61, Rick Nash!!!!"
    "From the Ottawa Senators, on defense, number 65, Erik Karlsson!!!!"
    "From the Montreal Canadiens, on defense, number 76, P.K. Subban!!!!"
    "From the Toronto Maple Leafs, at right wing, number 81, Phil Kessel!!!!"
    "From the Dallas Stars, at left wing, number 90, Jason Spezza!!!!"
    "From the New York Islanders, at center, number 91, John Tavares!!!!"
    "From the Colorado Avalanche, at right wing, number 92, Gabriel Landeskog!!!!"
    "From YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, at left wing, number 19, Scott Hartnell!!!!"
    "From YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, in goal, number 72, Sergei Bobrovsky!!!!"
    "And from YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, on defense, the captain, number 7, Jack Johnson!!!!"
    "The Head Coach for Team Johnson, from the Los Angeles Kings, Darryl Sutter!!!! His assistants, from the Colorado Avalanche, Patrick Roy!!!! And from YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, Todd Richards!!!!"

    (Crowd cheers)

    "One more time, let's hear it for YOUR 2015 NHL All Stars!!!!"
    wall 4 days ago Comment
  • uppercornerhockey created a new topic How To Hockey Mohawk Turn in the forums.
    wall 6 days ago Comment
  • hassan321 replied to the topic wall ? in the forums.
    And you need to have the right opportunity, usually right after you dump the puck into the opposing team's zone, or when your team has possession in the opponents zone for a while (of course after a whistle is best, but not always possible). If you stay on longer than like a minute your coach and teammates will be pissed. - See more at:

    wall 6 days ago Comment
  • uppercornerhockey created a new topic Win a Sher-wood T 120 Hockey stick in the forums.

    Full article here

    watch the promo video here

    Because everyone could use a new stick

    Brent #uch
    wall 7 days ago Comment
  • I challenged back Jeremy from How To hockey

    Here is his video response

    also full article here
    wall 9 days ago Comment
  • Jeremy from How To Hockey called me out on Instagram..

    So I took the challenge... see the video below

    wall 9 days ago Comment
  • Cardinale replied to the topic What happened to the points store???? in the forums.
    Hope we can get some more hats somewhere
    wall 14 days ago Comment
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