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Features include

 Live NHL scores, stats, standings, news, and the latest trade rumors

Watch videos of game highlights, fights, goals, saves, and hits

Also covers the AHL, ECHL, OHL, WHL, QMJHL, and NCAA

Check in to games, chat with other fans, and share pictures

Listen to popular hockey podcasts

Browse funny hockey pictures and memes

Watch equipment reviews and training tips for players

Buy NHL tickets and shop for new gear

What people are saying about the app

“I absolutely love this app. It's by far the best hockey app out. The features that are offered are unique and not anything I've seen before. Well done.”
Steven Olsson

"This app has everything a hockey fan could want. Links to video, memes, news, scores and much more. It's so much better than the NHL app!"
Kristin Coble

"I got this app and I deleted my other hockey apps that's how amazing this one is!!"
Drew Murphy

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Click the buttons above or search for The Hockey Network in the iPhone App Store and Google Play StoreOur mobile app is not currently integrated with our website, we are working hard to integrate them in the future. So when you first use the app, click Sign Up instead of Sign In. You can Sign Up with the same username that you currently use on our website if you'd like, or you can pick a new one. You can also just Sign In to the app with your Facebook or Twitter account if you'd like. Posts on the app will not appear on our website, and posts on our website will not appear in the app.


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