Buy, Sell, Trade Rules & FAQ

The Hockey Network is not responsible for any of the information in the Buy, Sell, Trade (BST) section or what any individual does with the information in the BST. You are buying/selling at your own risk.


These are the complete Buy, Sell, Trade Rules with examples. Violating any of these rules risks an infraction, topic closing, topic deletion or even a ban. We recommend you always check for THN feedback before considering any deal here. If you have questions, please post them in the Talk to the Staff section. Please read and follow the complete TERMS OF USE as well. Please report posts that break the rules. If you cannot follow all of the rules found here, please do not post in the BST section of The Hockey Network.

1. Buy/Sell/Trade here on The Hockey Network at your own risk. Always get complete contact information before anything is shipped.
The Hockey Network assumes no responsibility for any part of any transaction here. Use common sense. Please take precautions if you ever send first. If a deal sounds too good to be true, if the other party is rushing you, or if the other member is new or has little feedback, use a 3rd party or just don't do the deal. Never send money or product before both sides agree to a deal and full contact information is exchanged and verified. Do not rely on messages, save all contact info. If the other party is unwilling to share contact information then don't deal with them. Make sure the final deal is posted in public and both sides have agreed to the deal in public. Please read below for more BST tips

2. Post new topics in the proper forum.
The number one reason for post deletion: The item being Sold or Traded must be posted in its appropriate BST forum. Please post the item you are trying to sell or trade away in the proper BST forum and not anywhere else on the site. If you are trying to buy something, post in the Want To Buy (WTB) forum. If you are trying to trade your item for a specific item, you need to post your item in the correct forum, not in the forum listing the items you want.

3. No eBay, auction links, raffles or links to other forums allowed.
You may not create topics just to link to other sites. Describe what you are selling here. If we wanted to buy something on eBay or Bubba Joe's hockey forum, we'd be there instead of here. You may not conduct auctions, contests or raffles on The Hockey Network unless given written permission by The Hockey Network prior to such.

4. Post a title that accurately describes what you are selling.
Please don't post "look here," great stuff or even "Sticks look here" (unless it is WTB). Post what you are offering for sale. All topics need to have a title relating to object(s) in the topic. Relate the title to your equipment, like "Bauer helmet and other gear for sale." Offending topics will be closed or deleted. No profanity in topic titles. This applies to any variations on profanity. Stars, characters like @ and $, etc. Anything relating to profanity in your title and we'll edit or delete it as we feel necessary.

5. List the item(s) for sale clearly and post a reasonable price. Websites may not just link back to their site.
You may not create topics just to link to other sites. Describe what you are selling here. If you only are willing to trade, please post that in the title. Please don't offer items for sale to "test the waters." If you want to see if there is a demand for what you have, search for similar products. You MUST post a reasonable price for ALL for sale ads and you should do the same for WTB ads. Please do not make WTB topics for new items. Please mark WTT (Want To Trade) ads clearly in the title. If you have a legitimate website with a shopping cart, you may not simply make a topic linking to your website. You must list the specific items you are selling as well as the price. Links can not simply go to the home page of your site, they must go to the specific page where the user can purchase the item

6. Product being sold must be in seller's possession. No pre-orders.
This means you have to have it where you live or work. It can't be at a friend's house, getting repaired or on the way to you. You may not sell pre-order or drop ship items here at all. You may never list items that your supplier has available for you to buy. You have to already have the item. This means you cannot list an item for a friend unless you have the item in your possession and you are going to take full responsibility for the condition and the shipping of the item.

7. One topic per item sold
Do not list items multiple times. If your topic gets too cluttered and you want to make a new topic, ask a mod to close/delete your old topic first. Posting multiple topics for the same item may result in all topics being closed.

8. No counterfeit, illegal, prohibited or non-hockey items where the user must be 18+ to purchase.
No illegal items. This includes real firearms and drug paraphernalia of any kind. They are not to be sold on The Hockey Network. Underage users post on The Hockey Network, this is not the place to do it. The Hockey Network does not allow the posting of any BST topics containing counterfeit merchandise. If you post such a topic your account will be banned and the topic moved to the evidence archive. This includes copyrighted materials, patterns, and characters.

9. No selling online gaming accounts, virtual goods or currency.
They do not belong here.

Buy, Sell, Trade FAQ

Do I have to follow another user's rules posted in their B/S/T topic?

No, you don't. You do have to follow The Hockey Network BST rules though. User's rules posted in their topic don't mean anything and aren't enforceable. It is good etiquette to read over another user's rules before posting in their topic because you might choose not to deal with them if they have too many made up rules or rules you just find silly. You are obviously not under any obligation to follow any of these made up rules.

I've been scammed! What do I do?

We're sorry someone took advantage of you. Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do here. We have no way of knowing what actually transpired with the deal and we don't have the resources here to mediate Buy/Sell/Trade deals, even if they were made on our website. We just don't know what was promised, what was delivered or if either party is telling us the whole truth. You should leave them negative feedback so other users are aware they don't live up to their side of the bargain. Sometimes the feedback will help them know you are serious about the problem as well.

In the future, we strongly recommend you use a local hockey store to act as a third party. It might cost a little more, but that way you know you'll get what you were supposed to get.

How do I get my BST topic noticed without getting in trouble?

Add a link to the item to your signature and describe what you are selling. People won't click if they don't know what it is. This way every post you make is like a mini advertisement. (Make sure you never make posts outside of BST telling people to check your sig - that's spam and not allowed). Also make sure you title the topic accurately. If you are vague, you might get more people to click on it, but you won't attract potential buyers faster. Never post your topic more then once or post links to your topic outside of BST (your signature is an exception). Links to your own The Hockey Network BST items are allowed and encouraged in your personal signature.

What is a third party?

This is a common deal where neither party feels comfortable shipping first or at the same time. Both parties ship to a prearranged middleman, usually a staff member or a reputable store who charges a small fee to open the box and make sure it is what was described. 3rd party trades generally do cost a little more because you have to pay for someone to at least check the merchandise out. You also have to pay for shipping twice because you have to ship to the 3rd party and then you have to pay for the 3rd party to ship to the new owner. Make sure you discuss with the person handling the 3rd party trade exactly what they will inspect before anyone ships. Some will inspect more than others, but they may also charge more. If you'd like to use any of The Hockey Network's staff members as a third party trader, please contact them directly through messages or other method of contact listed in their user profile. Their services are not free but they can help make sure you don't get ripped off.

Is low-balling or offering a really low price against the rules?

We respect that everyone is out for the best deal possible. However, people are also trying to sell their items for as much as possible so posting a ridiculously low price in their topic could certainly be considered trolling. If you post a really low price hoping on the off chance they are desperate enough to take it, then the next person viewing the topic might think that's a reasonable price. You have to remember, most people take pride in their gear and think it is worth a lot. Posting a low price could easily be seen as an insult. If you want to make a serious offer that you think could be considered a lowball, please message the user with it. That way you aren't posting the low price in their topic.

Are true pawnshops allowed on The Hockey Network?

No. Users are allowed to make WTB topics in the WTB forum for lots of items at inexpensive prices. Those are not true pawnshops. A true pawnshop doesn't just buy goods, they loan money with the goods as collateral. Loans like that may well violate state laws. Furthermore, real pawnshops also attract people selling stolen goods and we have no interest in supporting that type of activity.

What am I not allowed to sell on The Hockey Network?

Please do not list or ask to buy anything that is illegal or anything that requires a minimum age to buy like porn, firearms, liquor, tobacco products or fireworks. No drug or smoking paraphernalia. You may not sell or ask to buy schoolwork. No stolen items. Even if you weren't the one to steal it, do not list it. This includes pirated software, movies, music, or stolen hockey equipment.

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