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  • Maine Black Bears
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  • So you broke your hockey stick... well fix it! with integral hockey! here's how to!

    Watch video below! and thank me later!

    wall 9 days ago Comment
  • uppercornerhockey created a new topic Hockey is my happy place! hockey meme in the forums.

    check out the full article here

    Feel free to share this hockey meme
    wall 13 days ago Comment
  • Wynn created a new topic William Hockey School in the forums.
    Hi, my name is William and I live in Michigan. I've played hockey since I was 3 1/2 and lived in Michigan half my life. I need help paying for a school I want to go to where I would have 3 hours of hockey and 4 hours of schooling. The problem is the shool costs $12,000 and my mom is single and doesn't make enough money to pay for all of it. Please help by clicking on the link and reading up on my story. Any donation is appreciated and thank you.
    wall 20 days ago Comment
  • Wynn Hi I'm raising money for a hockey school in ️Michigan. I'm 14 years old and my parents are currently divorced and I live with my mom. I'm asking you to help my mom and I so that I can keep pursuing hockey thank you. .
    profile 20 days ago Comment
  • HockeyGeek#1 replied to the topic Memorial Day - Thank you!!! in the forums.
    There are no words to describe how thankful I am towards all members of the military, retired or enlisted, overseas, or officers. There is nothing I can say to express how happy I am to live in this country that is free, because of all of you. So, THANK YOU. To you soldiers, for sacrificing yourselves, and to your families for their sacrificing. I've had many family members in the military, one of which died in combat. I never met him, but if he hadn't died in the military, he'd most likely still be alive and I would have gotten to meet him. So thank you again, for all you do to protect me, my family, my friends, my community, and the United States.
    wall 26 days ago Comment
  • HockeyGeek#1 replied to the topic Sled Hockey Athletes in the forums.
    I think sled hockey is really cool. When people ask me if I would rather lose an arm or a leg, I say leg so I'd still be able to play hockey! But I think it's a great sport, and I like that it's something different.
    wall 26 days ago Comment
  • HockeyGeek#1 created a new topic I'm Still in Shock in the forums.
    I still can't believe that the Hawks won the Stanley Cup! To be honest, I thought they were a bit shaky. When I filled out my bracket, I had them losing the series against Nashville, but luckily, almost none of what I predicted went my way! I was so ecstatic every single time the Hawks won a game, but I never thought that they'd win the Stanley Cup. There were "on the edge of my seat" moments, where I was literally on the edge of the couch, cheering and sweating and just nervous for the outcome and future of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs for the Blackhawks.
    I ordered some 2015 Stanley Cup Champion gear right away and it just came last week. I am still shocked and thinking, who knows? Maybe if I have the Hawks out in the first round on my bracket next year, they'll have a similar outcome as this season.
    wall 26 days ago Comment
  • DavidGuzman
    Alpena Flyers Junior Hockey Team

    The Alpena Flyers are a Tier III Junior Hockey team that plays out of Alpena, Michigan. We play in the United States Premier Hockey Leagues Mid-West division and are USA Hockey sanctioned. We are owned by the Northern Lights Arena Community (NLAC) management group that manages Northern Lights Arena which is a 501.3.C non-profit.

    Our goal is to make playing Junio
    profile 38 days ago Comment
  • Blueshirts13 created a new topic RICK NASH TRADE??? in the forums.
    I completely understand that Rick Nash is the New York Rangers best pure goal scorer and I understand he also plays a great all around game, but 3 straight years of subpar playoff appearances really bother me. He did come on strong in the conference final but like the rest of the team, went dead silent in game 7. In my opinion the reason Rick Nash is even on this team is to push us over the top. Whether its helping an already hot team or saving an ice cold team, Rick Nash needs to be the guy that steps up especially in the playoffs.

    I feel with the Rangers salary cap issues it wouldn't be an awful idea to trade Nash. I'd like to see the Rangers fill their lineup with depth through all 4 lines because it seems it's always the blue chip roll players that always come through in the playoffs and the superstars are always struggling. I always say I'd rather have two 20 goal scorers than one 40 goal scorer.

    A great example of how trading all stars for proven playoff performers makes a BIG difference is 1994. On trade deadline day, The Rangers traded Tony Amonte, Doug Weight, and Mike Gartner who are all superstars and they received in return Stephane Matteau, Steve Larmer, Brian Noonan, and Craig Mactavish who all are not big names, but they all have played a lot of playoff hockey and have been a part of winning teams before. This trade helped them win a Stanley Cup and I'm my eyes 40 goals in the regular season is great but if you're going to following that up with an inconsistent playoffs every time then what good is it?

    wall 44 days ago Comment
  • Blueshirts13 Obviously Cam Talbot has become a fan favorite in Rangerstown but it's in the teams best interest to trade him. I keep hearing that the Oilers are willing to part ways with their 16th overall draft pick this year which would be perfect for the Rangers considering 1st round picks haven't been there for the Rangers since they took JT Miller. They may have the sweeten up a deal and maybe throw in Kev
    profile 45 days ago Comment
  • Champ created a new topic Russian hockey players in Michigan in the forums.
    I am looking for some local Russian-American Hockey players in the Michigan area. I am trying to form a hockey team for next season to play in Dearborn at the Dearborn Ice Skating Center (DISC). We will be playing in the HNA(Hockey North America) League. If anyone can locate some Russian-American hockey players in the Michigan area, message me back.
    wall 54 days ago Comment

  • Check out the video of Slap Shots only... in a new Series of Vs. videos

    Bauer 1x p92 vs. True Xcore 9 TC2

    which is better? you decide..
    wall 54 days ago Comment
  • HockeyDadOf2 created a new topic AAA In Michigan in the forums.
    Status of AAA hockey in Michigan.
    wall 54 days ago Comment
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