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  • SFHockeyLover created a new topic My New Website Covering the ECHL in the forums.
    I'm not going to post it a bunch of times, just once to tell you about it. I have a new website covering not just the ECHL, but all of Minor League Hockey. www.TheBullsSheet.com

    I just started it this week, so it's small, but will grow with time. Check it out!

    No BS, just Hockey!
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  • They've hired AV from Vancouver. I hope it's a better fit for them.
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  • Hockey4life25 wrote:
    why would they move phoenix? they have a good fan base in phoenix. I could also see a basketball team move in there but they wouldn't move phoenix... yet

    Yeah, I didn't understand that. If they're going to move Phoenix, it would be way out of the area, and probably to Seattle.

    However, as I stated, Vegas already has a hockey team. I know most people don't realize there are even minor league teams, but they have fans and great games.
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  • They already have a hockey team in Vegas. The Wranglers in the ECHL. There won't be an NHL team there at any time. They have enough problems getting a smaller arena filled with enough people, moving a sparsely populated team from Phoenix to another area with a sparse hockey population won't cut it.

    Besides, the article says nothing about the NHL or the Coyotes.

    I could see a basketball team moving there...much more feasible.
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  • I'm tossed on this. The biggest problem is many players (who are now denying it) said they didn't want to play with him as coach any longer. Who knows the real truth? He was good on many things, not so much on others. I fear that his replacement will have many areas that he won't be so good on.

    But, as in everything in life, time will tell.
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  • SFHockeyLover replied to the topic Best captain ever in the forums.
    Messier gets my vote as Best Captain
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  • SFHockeyLover replied to the topic Re: Rangers sign Vigneault as coach in the forums.
    Statzny wrote:
    Wow. He will probably help them. I am waiting to see who the Canucks hire.

    I was wondering what you thought of this. i don't know if it is good or not. I've seen a lot from AV and much of what I've seen I haven't liked, so I wasn't jumping for joy when I saw this hire.

    The Rangers fans on Twitter are jumping for joy. Of course, they don't get to see much West Coast hockey, so their experience with AV is limited.

    I do know that the Rangers probably had to fire Torts because if they didn't, a couple of their top players would never resign, number one being their goalie and that was of prime importance. I also know that their choices of coaches was also limited, so AV was probably the best choice they had.

    I hope he does help them. But I doubt he's the savior they all seem to think he's going to be.
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  • SFHockeyLover replied to the topic That Sudden Realization... in the forums.
    I love this one, it's awesome!
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  • SFHockeyLover replied to the topic Can't log into profile on mobile app in the forums.
    Is this still a problem, because I can't log onto the app. Thanks!
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  • SFHockeyLover replied to the topic Torres suspended for rest of LA series in the forums.
    I'll agree with that. Cooke should have been suspended too.
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  • SFHockeyLover replied to the topic Re: No Surprise in the forums.
    crewchief wrote:
    I would like to see Messier get a shot at coaching the team!

    Not me. He has zero coaching experience and next year may be the only year this crew has at getting the Cup. Gretzky proved that being a great player doesn't necessarily mean being a great coach. The Rangers need a coach who has a proven record of being a good coach. And no choke artists!
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  • SFHockeyLover replied to the topic Favorite AHL Player?? in the forums.
    Mine are Mike McKenna, who was goalie for Peoria Rivermen, but since they've moved to the SPHL, I'm not sure where he'll be next season. Others are Daniil Tarasov of the Worcester Sharks. He started playing for the SF Bulls in the ECHL, but I knew as soon as his skates his the ice, we wouldn't have him for long. He's one of the fastest skaters I've ever seen. Sure enough, he was signed to San Jose this past year, so I'm not sure how long he'll be in Mass. My other favorites are Yanni Gourde, who also played in SF, and Brandon Mashinter, who goes up and down from the NHL to the AHL.
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  • Stay classy, Pittsburgh.

    Pittsburgh fans 'hope' for another Boston bombing

    (written by Obnoxious Boston Fan on www.boston.com/sports/blogs/obnoxiousbos...on_bombed_again.html)

    Dane Cook is off the hook.

    He's no longer the most-hated man in Boston. That's thanks again to Matt Cooke and a couple of Penguins fans with a twisted sense of humor and priorities.

    If you though the clown with the "Toronto Stronger" sign was ridiculous, he's been topped, or bottomed. Things turned ugly on Twitter Saturday night during the Bruins-Penguins game. Jordan Kuruc posted a tweet following the ejection of Cooke that crossed every line possible.

    Kuruc posted the following on his Twitter feed: "NHL is f-----g rigged! Matt Cooke made a clean hit. I hope your city gets bombed again Boston."

    Kuruc was the lead singer of a band, ironically, called "Forebearance" which bills itself as "Melodic Hardcore from Western PA."

    After the Twitter firestorm, the band posted the following message on its Facebook page:

    It's come to my attention that our singer has said something very inappropriate via social media that is incredibly out of line. (In fact, I just woke up to this backlash.) The statement he made is in NO way shape or form representative of ANY view this band has and even though I personally have nothing to do with what he said, I feel the need to apologize to anyone offended by his ignorant statement. Because of this, Jordan is now removed from this band. Thank you to the people that have brought this to our attention, and again, our apologies that you had to be exposed to such ignorance.
    His suspension from the band lasted for all of 24 minutes.

    Drummer Dave Anderson followed up with this clarification.

    At this point, the past statements on our wall made regarding our former singer ignorant statements made this evening will be deleted. The rest of our band acknowledges your outrage, agrees with your outrage, and has responded with what we feel is only just. Jordan will be performing with us for our 2 shows next week only to honor prior commitment, but nothing more...
    Gary Bettman would be proud.

    Kuruc wasn't the only one trying out their twisted sense of humor. Another genius, Curt Sagriff, offered this gem: "Drop another bomb in boston right on the bruins arena. #dontgiveaf--k hate boston so much.”

    Both Tweets were retweeted to the FBI's @FBIBoston Twitter feed.

    Social media has allowed billions of people to show how brilliant, funny or despicable they can be. It's often filled with ugliness, racial hatred and profanity. Several Bruins fans and/or racists showed their ugly side after Joel Ward's goal in the Game 7 loss to the Capitals last year. This type of idiocy has, sadly, become news.

    Kuruc deleted most of his game-related tweets by the time the Bruins finished their 3-0 demolition of the Penguins. The OBF blog contacted Kuruc via Twitter seeking comment but he did not respond. He's in no way typical of most Pittsburgh fans, especially those who quietly left the arena with most of the third period after Nathan Horton's goal gave Boston an insurmountable three-goal lead. David Krejci added a pair to stoke the ire of the Penguins.

    The fact that any adult would stoop to this level in reaction to a sporting event is a disturbing sign.

    It's a shame he doesn't understand the difference between sports hate and real hate.

    Save for Cooke's dirty play - even Whitey Bulger thinks he's a thug - the visceral feelings directed toward Sidney Crosby and his teammates Saturday topped the sports hatred meter. As they should have. This was Jets, A-Rod and Thurman Munson combined. Bernard Pollard is next.

    It was interesting how NBC had the Marc Savard replay at the ready immediately after Cooke's game-ending-for-him-hit Saturday. They knew what was coming. And no doubt the word came down that the national TV audience was not going to stand for it.

    This game was better than advertised. Worth the week's wait. Tuukka Rask dominated Pittsburgh. It remains mystifying why so many fans and media members are hesitant to give him credit for what he's accomplished thus far in the playoffs, beating Toronto twice in OT and basically stonewalling the Rangers.

    Saturday, he simply shut out Pittsburgh, the best offensive team in the NHL.

    Don't worry, Pittsburgh.

    You still have most offensive team in the league, and have at least two fans to prove it.
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