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  • sedinsedin replied to the topic Hockey Brawl!!!! in the forums.
    Puck Daddy literally just did an article about this, here's what they had to say

    It's not often you see a bench-clearing brawl occur in a tight game, but that's what happened on Friday night in the SPHL between the Huntsville Havoc and Mississippi Surge.

    Late in the third period, with Huntsville protecting a 3-2 lead, a brawl began in front of the Mississippi bench and quickly made its way onto the Mississippi bench. (Hang in there for the entire 3:53; just when you think it ends, it starts right back up.)

    "Extra guys in ... three guys in ... goalies fighting ... extra goalies fighting ..."

    The bewilderment in the voice of the play-by-play man might be our favorite part of the entire clip.

    In total, 129 penalty minutes were handed out just from the brawl. Surge forward Branden Kosolofsky -- the guy who "got a stick out" and is "hitting with a stick" and is a "complete jerk", according to the play-by-play man -- racked up 29 all to himself for the spearing from the bench, among other things.

    Here's the third period penalty summary:

    YouTube user "brett595", who posted the video, explained, in his opinion, how things got out of hand:

    After many missed chances to call spearing Referee Peter MacDougall waited a bit to late to try and control the game.
    With just a few minutes left in the 3rd period the Mississippi Surge pull a Havoc player into the bench. Thee Havoc clear their bench to protect their teammate who is getting pummeled by the Surge players.

    Referee Peter MacDougall should be the one suspended in my opinion for allowing the game to get that out of hand.

    On a positive note the more than 5,000 fans got their monies worth and though enjoyed every minute of it!

    No word yet as to what sort of discipline will be handed out to both parties.

    The two sides meet again on Jan. 20 in Mississippi.

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  • NHL Columnist with Denver Post and tweeted this...

    and I believe it

    Fehr may deserve just as much, maybe even more blame than Bettman
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  • According to Mary Trent of Mississauga, Ontario, when she brought her 3-year-old son to visit Santa Claus at Lowe's Toronto Christmas Market, Kris Kringle started crackin' wise. First, he told the kid his red plaid jacket made him look like Paul Bunyan. Then, if bewildering a small boy with a centuries-old pop culture reference wasn't enough, Trent says Santa next turned his attention to the boy's favorite hockey team.

    From the Toronto Sun:

    "Then he said, 'Oh, you're wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs tuque (hat), you shouldn't be wearing that, they suck.' At that point, I took my son and told him we should go, Santa isn't being very good today."

    Trent said her son was inconsolable and cried all the way home to Mississauga.

    "He wanted to know who Paul Bunyan was? He wanted to know why Santa said the Toronto Maple Leafs suck," Trent told the Sun Thursday. "I told him Santa was having a bad day. I can't really tell him Santa's a jerk."

    Yeah it was mean of the Santa... but he is right haha

    And really, she couldn't answer why the Leafs suck? haha

    More from...
    Puck Daddy:
    The Score:
    Toronto Sun:
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  • sedinsedin created a new topic Top 10 Sedin Twin Moments in the forums.
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  • Being a backup goalie is really tough, especially if you are backup that doesn't play much. You just have to work really hard, support the team, put laxatives in the other goalies water bottle (just kidding)

    but most of all don't get down on yourself. Mike Smith was a career backup goalie....

    you just have to work really hard, because at some point you will get your chance to shine, just be prepared

    Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation
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  • sedinsedinhockeygrrl13 Hey you can post any hockey tournaments for charity in the state forums
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  • sedinsedin replied to the topic Idea for New Award in the forums.
    what if they gave an award to the best backup goalie? that would be cool
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  • I love hockey, and I don't love it for any other reason than when I get out there and play, I enjoy it.
    Brendan Fehr

    I love my hockey, but if you can do that and go home and just be a dad and husband, then you have the best of both worlds.
    Curtis Joseph

    I love those hockey moms. You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick.
    Sarah Palin
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  • sedinsedin replied to the topic Re: Luongo going to Toronto? in the forums.
    If Luongo went to Boston, I think we'd see Boston riot.

    Don't think Boston has the cap space anyway, Thomas' salary still counts
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  • sedinsedin we need to get rid of luongo
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  • sedinsedin created a new topic Craziest thing you've seen at a hockey game? in the forums.

    Article Written by the hockey blog Dirty Dangle - Friday, December 16, 2011

    A stinky story emerged out of the New England Senior Hockey League. A man pooped in the hockey glove of an opponent and has subsequently been banned for life. This is probably the first instance of a hockey player taking a dump in a glove - an assumption we hope is true. The player is Zung Nguyen, which may or not be an alias Brad Marchand uses when he plays mens league hockey (he is a sh*t disturber after all). While this is by far the craziest thing we've ever heard of happening at a hockey game, we've seen some pretty messed up stuff in our long, amateur careers.

    Here are some of the craziest things we've witnessed at our hockey games.

    Following the post-game handshakes during a summer hockey game, the oldest guy on my team (around 55 years old) was one of the last guys on the ice heading for the exit when he was hit by the Zamboni. I sh*t you not (no pun intended), I've seen a guy get hit by a Zamboni. He managed to hold onto the front of the resurfacer while we got the Zamboni drivers attention to finally stop after pushing him 20 feet. The driver was in shock and couldn't believe he had run over a player. Thankfully, there were no injuries, but we did not see that Zamboni driver ever again, or the case of beer he promised us.

    During one of my later years of hockey, guys used to strap their helmets on so tight to make sure their helmets wouldn't come off in fights. During one game, a goon on my team was struggling to get this guys bucket off in a fight, so he punched the helmet - which cracked and split in two. Needless to say, that guy got fed many left hooks as my teammate broke his right hand when he shattered the helmet.

    In the same later years of juvenile-aged goonery, a scene straight out of Happy Gilmore occurred when a crazy 6'4", 225lbs guy on my team got kicked out of the game. During the second period intermission, he put his skate on his hand and went into the other teams dressing room to try and fight their team - with his skate as a weapon. It took my three coaches to restrain him and force him out before anyone was injured. My head coach tossed the guy in the shower just like when Tom Hanks throws Kit in the shower to cool down in A League of Their Own and no more criminal acts took place.

    In a game in which half your team is ejected while the other team dives all over the ice, you can expect parents to get a little nutty. In their defence, it did seem like the referee was getting a cut from the other team. After another player was ejected for arguing a call, a parent wheeled out a big green garbage can and tossed it on the ice, spilling garbage everywhere. The referee and linesman both had to lift the big garbage can to get it off the ice while I had a good laugh from my goal crease. Oh yeah, the guy who through it was my Dad.

    In a playoff highschool game with a decent sized home crowd out for us, one of my teammates received a dirty hit and the opponent was penalized. While in the penalty box conveniently located next to our student section, he began to taunt our fans. Not a good idea, considering we had the biggest guy in the school watching the game, who also happened to be a good friend of the player who received the dirty hit. He approached the penalty box which had an opening of about 4 inches next to the glass and grabbed the penalized players facecage. He then pulled the cage towards him in a move reminiscent of WWE and the player bounced off the glass (his head wasn't going to fit through the 4 inch gap) and flew back. The game was stopped until the fan left the building, which he did to cheers from the home crowd who also had to move over an entire section from the penalty box.

    Crazy hockey mom flips out video (warning, lots of cursing and bad language)....

    Article from:

    What's the craziest thing you've ever seen at a hockey game? Any crazy hockey mom stories?
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  • The Pittsburgh Penguins expect any Sidney Crosby extension to begin with a minimum of seven years. The star center has a year at $8.7 million remaining on his current contract, but it is widely expected that the Pens will look to lock him up long-term this offseason. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Josh Yohe said that Pittsburgh anticipates that seven years is the minimum and that any deal could be "possibly 10 or more." Crosby doesn't anticipate any problems negotiating a new deal to stay in Pittsburgh. Yohe also notes that general manager Ray Shero's longest deal has been with Marc-Andre Fluery at seven years. The CBA expires this September, also throwing a good measure of ambiguity into the discussions -- and also the possibility the Pens try to get a deal done before any rule changes.
    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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