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  • hockeykidmjf created a new topic Age Limit in the forums.
    Is there an age limit in the NAHL? What is it? Also if you know the age limit in the USHL that would helpful! Thanks!
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  • All I can say is don't quit.
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  • hockeykidmjf replied to the topic pucks in the forums.
    The green biscuit yea. Was it a question?
    wall 1478 days ago Comment
  • hockeykidmjf created a new topic 13 year old playing in a beer league in the forums.
    Well the other night my dad thought he might be short for his summer hockey league game. So I put my equipment in the car he gave me the smallest jersey they had which fit perfectly (#00) and off we went. Well he wasn't short but the guys told him to let me play. I only had one shift in the first but I actually did really good and got a lot of good shots on net and made some nice passes so they let me play the rest of the game and it was really fun. HAahahahahaha so I had my first beer league game at 13. Hopefully I can go a bit higher in my career.
    wall 1486 days ago Comment
  • hockeykidmjf added 7 new photos in Stanley Cup 2013 album
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  • hockeykidmjf thanks for the post Mystery Song????? in the forums.
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  • hockeykidmjf replied to the topic No. To Basically Pro... in the forums.
    If you really want to play on the team then I would suggest signing up for they are great I currently use it and it is amazing. (it is a workout program for hockey) I would work out five days a week in the off-season (summer) Working Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday and Saturday. Leaving Wednesday and Sunday to rest. I would also shoot everyday at least 100 shots I try to do 100 of each shot (THIS INCLUDES BACKHAND) Try to purchase a slide board for shooting as it is much better than cement and it will not ruin your stick. They sell them online at For shooting tips I would recommend As for skating you said you are already a decent skater but you can always be better. I would recommend going to public hockey and public skating. Also check out and download their free Secrets for Serious Speed Ebook read it and do the workouts. This will tremendously help your speed. If you really want to you can purchase their other ebook Secrets for Serious Strength which I did purchase and it is great. As for stickhandling you should purchase a smarthockey ball and a green biscuit. Tape a few pucks to the shaft of your stick and practice stickhandling with the weight. Then take them off and feel the difference. To get some tips on stickhandling go to I hope that helped somewhat. If you have any questions let me know. I'm also starting a youtube account soon where I help hockey players train off-ice and things like that. It is called Superhockeyskills look it up
    wall 1519 days ago Comment
  • hockeykidmjf created a new topic Mystery Song????? in the forums.
    Ok so im sure if you have been watching hockey lately (it is the playoffs) then you might have seen a pump up video for the stanley cup (I know there are a lot of them) and in it is a song that I know and love but I dont know the name of it or who it is by. I dont really know the lyrics but I do know in the video it plays the part (im guessing the corus) where it goes "Whoah! OH OH oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh... and again. No not zombie nation its another song. And I think it says something about fire after the Woah`s.
    wall 1520 days ago Comment
  • hockeykidmjf created a new topic Stanley Cup Finals Predictions in the forums.
    I think the Bruins are gonna win it in 7. I say they`re gonna win the 2nd and 3rd games (as chicago already won the first game in triple OT) then chicago will win the 4th and 5th games . Then bruins will win it in OT in the 6th. And again in the 7th. Idk just my opinion. I have a feeling. What do you think?
    wall 1523 days ago Comment
  • Zebbes the Goalie and hockeykidmjf are now friends
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  • Before I start I just want to say how much I want to win this. I really enjoy working on my stickhandling especially now that i have the dryland tiles in my basement. I am looking to tryout for a really good team and they have really fast stickhandling moves so this will help me a ton to get to their stickhandling level. Anyway here is my entry,Thanks!!!!

    My opinion is that Patrick Kane is the fastest stickhandler in the NHL today. Just watch his shootout goals, dekes,various moves he pulls on Defensmen, tricks, the fact he has competed in the Skills Competition, and shootout. I am a Boston fan but I respect and look up to #88. He is by far the fastest stickhandler. If you dont believe me then take a look for yourself:


    Thank you for looking at my entry. I really apreciate it and good luck to everyone and let the best entry win! Thank you! By the way im 13.
    wall 1626 days ago Comment


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