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design web page malaysia
Monday, May 15, 2017
Every page on the site should load quickly and without errors.

- Minimize the usage of flash animation and video. They can slow down the loading of your website. If you want to have video on your site, post it on YouTube and then link it to your site. You can use free video editor to reduce the size of the video.

- The optimal resolution for a design web page malaysia is 1024 x 768 pixels. This is the standard for most computer monitor today.

- The usage of graphic elements should complement your site.

- You should use pictures that are relevant to your site.

- Do not use copyrighted picture without the owner's permission.

- Make sure the web page is not cluttered with irrelevant contents and pictures.

- Do not overload a page with too many information. Spread them out on a few pages. This should give you better results.

- Use good color tone that is color safe web. Right colors can attract the eye and get the attention needed. Be mindful of those who are with color-blind condition. Everyone is attracted to beautiful color combinations.

- Make sure navigation or menu button is easy to find and use by the visitors. Do not use fancy menus that are confusing. They should be consistent and be found throughout the website. Every page should have a common navigation system for easy browsing.

- Make sure the site map is available. This is important for visitors to find out what's on your site, as well for major search engine spiders to crawl and index your site.

- The choice of font should be common font where most computer system use. Choose font like Arial or New Times Roman.

- The size of text is big enough to read but not too big or too small. Article title should be around 14 or 16 pixels with bold format. Use H1 tag for Titles. Average text size for the article body should be around 12 pixels.

- Font color should contrast well with background color. Using bright color font, will contrast well with dark background.

- Make sure there is no grammatical and spelling errors.

- Link color should contrast well with the background color. The visitors will know that it is a link to other pages.

- Make sure there are no broken links and errors.

- The website Header and Logo is consistent across the site.

- The page title of the site should be informative and relevant to your content.

- The page footer contains copyright information.

- The web structure should have a header, a navigation menu system below the header, main content, left or right column and a footer.

Finally, these elements will help you achieve long term results. A good web design will reap multiple benefits; both in terms of page optimization and visitors returning to your site.

All articles are the courtesy of Richerd Ho from Computer Solution Trio. We are a website company. We provide web design and development, e-commerce, content management, web redesign and web maintenance, hosting and domain solutions. We can be found at

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