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  • uppercornerhockey thanks for the post Soft Hands hockey by soft hands sports in the forums.
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  • That's why playoff hockey is so great. Even a 3-1 series lead or 4-1 lead with 10 minutes to go in game 7 isn't safe. Very few teams reach the Stanley Cup Finals without facing some sort of adversity like that. What would the 2012 playoffs have looked like if the Kings didn't win their final games of the season and missed the 8th seed of the playoffs by a point?
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  • eportn02 replied to the topic Jersey colors for home and away in the forums.
    They should do what the NFL does, let the home team choose what uniforms they want to wear. That way you see white, dark, and any third/alternative jerseys your team has at home.
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  • eportn02 replied to the topic Boston Strong! Gregory Campbell proves that.... in the forums.
    Greg Campbell with a broken leg was more effective than a stacked Penguins power play. That injury might be the rallying point of this cup run, similar to when Horton got hurt in 2011. Let's keep it going Bruins, only 4 more wins!
    wall 1528 days ago Comment
  • eportn02 replied to the topic Dallas Stars new uniforms in the forums.
    These jerseys are hideous. They look like something a beer league team would wear when they couldn't come up with a better logo. Their old uniforms were so much better, not sure why they felt the need to change them. If they went with a big D instead of the small one inset in the star, it could at least be reminiscent of the old North Stars uniforms. But these fail in every way.
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  • eportn02 replied to the topic Bruins and Penguins in the forums.
    I was just wondering if anyone saw this coming. All the NHL reporters picked the Penguins to win the series, most in 5 or 6 games. The Penguins game into the series averaging 4.27 goals per game. They've put the puck behind Tuukka Rask only twice on 110 shots. I'm a die hard Bruins fan but even I didn't see the B's going up 3-0 in this series. I was hoping they'd be able to put up a good fight, but on paper, the Penguins should have run away with this series. I know the Bruins love being the scrappy underdogs, and they've embraced it as much now as they did in 2011.

    In my opinion, this is what makes hockey the best sport. You get one team full of superstars, who on paper are far and away the favorites, matched up against a team without any true superstars, and you get a great series out of it.
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  • There is a special place in hell for people like Jordan Kuruc and Curt Sagriff. Words cannot describe how despicable those comments are.
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  • eportn02 replied to the topic No Surprise in the forums.
    I was a little surprised that Torts got axed. Or at least that Richards outlasted him.
    wall 1539 days ago Comment
  • eportn02 replied to the topic The Michigan in the forums.
    No it's definitely not magic, but when you look at the pace of an NHL game, how often do you see a guy have enough time to crouch down to get enough leverage on the puck to pick it up like that? The game moves so fast that the guy would be knocked over by a defenseman or have the puck batted away from him before he could complete the move 99% of the time. It's the rarity of the trick that makes it so exciting.
    wall 1558 days ago Comment
  • eportn02 created a new topic Custom names on an NHL legend's number in the forums.
    Does anyone else think it's pure sacrilege to allow people to customize jerseys using the number of an NHL legend, like #4 in Boston (Bobby Orr) or #9 in Detroit/Montreal (Gordie Howe / Maurice Richard) to have a name other than those on them?

    The only name an Oilers #99 jersey should ever show is Gretzky. No exceptions. Does anyone else think this is an unconditional jersey foul?
    wall 1561 days ago Comment


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