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  • I remember when every video game platform had video games for all sports, especially baseball. Now today, video game companies aren't making a lot of sports games. I remember 2K Sports stopped making NHL games and they stopped making MLB after 2K13. The only Major League Baseball game that is available today is MLB The Show, and it's only available for PlayStation. There are no new baseball games for Xbox or Wii. I have an Xbox 360 and Xbox One and I don't get to play baseball on them for the upcoming seasons. I don't know why 2K stopped making Major League Baseball. For that matter, the only sport that 2K makes today is NBA. I wish we could go back to the days of the original Xbox, the Nintendo GameCube, and the PlayStation 2 where there were a lot of sports games and other types of games for those systems. Those days were a lot more fun for gamers. Not to mention, PlayStation had the 989 Sports label, which included NBA Shoot Out, NFL Game Day, NHL Face Off, MLB, NCAA Game Breaker (Football), NCAA Final Four (Basketball), and in 2004, had a game for the Olympics. I miss those games
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  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic Move some teams to West Coast in the forums.
    Well, this came true recently. Here are the teams that will be moving:

    Adirondack Flames-to Stockton, California, now the Stockton Heat
    Manchester Monarchs-to Ontario, California, now the Ontario Reign
    Norfolk Admirals-to San Diego, now the San Diego Gulls
    Oklahoma City Barons-disbanding, new team will be in Bakersfield, California, Bakersfield Condors
    Worcester Sharks-moving into San Jose Sharks' arena, now the San Jose Barracudas

    For Stockton, Ontario, and Bakersfield, the arenas recently housed the ECHL teams. Those teams will be moving with the exception of Oklahoma City. The Stockton Thunder will be moving to Adirondack, The old Ontario Reign will be moving to Manchester, and another ECHL team will be placed in Norfolk. For the Sharks' affiliate, I think sharing SAP Center is going to be a hassle. I think they should be in the Cow Palace in San Francisco or Oracle Arena in Oakland, call them the San Francisco Sharks or the Oakland Sharks. In fact, there will soon be a new arena in downtown San Francisco that will be built for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, maybe they can move in there
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  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic CCM: RBZ Super Fast vs Tacks in the forums.
    With CCM recently releasing 2 new sticks, the RBZ Super Fast and Tacks, they are really getting into great technology. Reebok-CCM I think has the best technology around. But as a comparison for these sticks, I don't know which one is better. What do you all think?

    The RBZ Super Fast, which is somewhat similar to the Reebok Sickick 4 line or Bauer Vapor line, has 2 kick points and some material in the blade. It's powered by the technology of Taylor Made golf clubs, just like the previous 2 RBZ sticks are. However, near the bottom of the shaft, it's all red with CCM in white, unlike the first RBZ and RBZ Stage 2, where it's white with CCM in red. Not to mention, it has better technology than the first two.

    The Tacks sticks, on the other hand, are more similar to Reebok's RibCor or Bauer's Nexus line. They have a kick point in the middle of the shaft as well as another kick point near the heel of the blade. The stick has a nice looking finish, with black and gold. They kind of remind me of the U+ Crazy Light. Speaking of which, both the RBZ and Tacks sticks are light. I don't know which one is better though. Tell me what you think.
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  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic Frozen, my idea for a hockey parody of it in the forums.
    Any of you liked the Disney movie "Frozen"? I liked it and all those award winning songs were good too. As a matter of fact, 4 characters have first names of professional hockey players. For example, the snowman, Olaf, is the first name of Olaf Kolzig, a former goalie for the Washington Capitals. Because of this, I want to make a parody of it, but with some hockey. You saw Anna and Elsa figure skate in the movie, but now, I want to replace them with Alex Ovechkin playing Anna and Sidney Crosby playing Elsa, but they will play hockey instead. Also, Olaf Kolzig will replace Olaf the snowman, a character named Kristoff will be played by an ECHL player named Kristoff Kontos (he plays for the Orlando Solar Bears), Hans will be played by former ECHL player named Hans Benson, and the moose, Sven, I was going to replace with Sven Baertschi, who is in the Calgary Flames system, but it would be more logical to replace him with a Zamboni. As for the songs, I already know what I want to rename 2 songs. "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" will become "Do You Want to Build a Goalie" and "Love is an Open Door" will become "Love is an Empty Net". But I don't know what to rename "Let it Go" and "For the First Time in Forever". Anybody have any ideas?
    I can't wait to make this parody. It will be funny. What do you all think?
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  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic Trade and Draft Update in the forums.
    I agree. Neal was a force offensively. Although Hornqvist and Spaling can score too, they don't score as consistently as Neal did.
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  • Let me revise my picks again. All the players I picked previously are on different teams now and I want every team to be represented at this coming all star game. Here is the P.A. announcer's script with my picks:

    "Ladies and gentlemen!!! Boys and girls of all ages!!!! Welcome to the 60th NHL All Star Game!!!! Now, let's meet the 2015 NHL All Stars!!!!"

    (Players come out, Crowd cheers)

    "First let's meet Team Crosby!!!!"

    "From the Arizona Coyotes, on defense, number 3, Keith Yandle!!!!"
    "From the Edmonton Oilers, at left wing, number 4, Taylor Hall!!!!"
    "From the Calgary Flames, on defense, number 5, Mark Giordano!!!!"
    "From the Nashville Predators, on defense, number 6, Shea Weber!!!!"
    "From the San Jose Sharks, at right wing, number 8, Joe Pavelski!!!!"
    "From the Winnipeg Jets, at left wing, number 9, Evander Kane!!!!"
    "From the Carolina Hurricanes, at center, number 12, Eric Staal!!!!"
    "From the Winnipeg Jets, at left wing, number 16, Andrew Ladd!!!!"
    "From the Nashville Predators, at right wing, number 18, James Neal!!!!"
    "From the Arizona Coyotes, at right wing, number 19, Shane Doan!!!!"
    "From the Minnesota Wild, on defense, number 20, Ryan Suter!!!!"
    "From the Buffalo Sabres, at right wing, number 26, Matt Moulson!!!!"
    "From the New York Rangers, on defense, number 27, Ryan McDonagh!!!!"
    "From the Pittsburgh Penguins, in goal, number 29, Marc-Andre Fleury!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, in goal, number 30, Ryan Miller!!!!"
    "From the Boston Bruins, on defense, number 33, Zdeno Chara!!!!"
    "From the Arizona Coyotes, in goal, number 41, Mike Smith!!!!"
    "From the Arizona Coyotes, at center, number 50, Antoine Vermette!!!!"
    "From the Florida Panthers, on defense, number 51, Brian Campbell!!!!"
    "From the Pittsburgh Penguins, at center, number 71, Evgeni Malkin!!!!"
    "From the Chicago Blackhawks, at left wing, number 81, Marian Hossa!!!!"
    "From the San Jose Sharks, on defense, number 88, Brent Burns!!!!"
    "From the Tampa Bay Lightning, at right wing, number 91, Steven Stamkos!!!!"
    "And from the Pittsburgh Penguins, at center, the captain, number 87, Sidney Crosby!!!!"
    "The Head Coach for Team Crosby, from the New York Rangers, Alain Vigneault!!!! His assistants, from the Arizona Coyotes, Dave Tippett!!!! And from the San Jose Sharks, McLellan!!!!"

    (Crowd cheers)

    "Now let's meet Team Johnson!!!!"

    "From the Colorado Avalanche, in goal, number 1, Semyon Varlamov!!!!"
    "From the Chicago Blackhawks, on defense, number 2, Duncan Keith!!!!"
    "From the Ottawa Senators, on defense, number 3, Marc Methot!!!!"
    "From the Los Angeles Kings, on defense, number 8, Drew Doughty!!!!"
    "From the Minnesota Wild, at center, number 11, Zach Parise!!!!"
    "From the New Jersey Devils, at left wing, number 13, Mike Cammaleri!!!!"
    "From the Detroit Red Wings, at right wing, number 14, Gustav Nyquist!!!!"
    "From the Anaheim Ducks, at right wing, number 15, Ryan Getzlaf!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at right wing, number 17, Radim Vrbata!!!!"
    "From the St. Louis Blues, at left wing, number 20, Alexander Steen!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at left wing, number 22, Daniel Sedin!!!!"
    "From the Philadelphia Flyers, at center, number 28, Claude Giroux!!!!"
    "From the Montreal Canadiens, in goal, number 31, Carey Price!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at center, number 33, Henrik Sedin!!!!"
    "From the Washington Capitals, on defense, number 44, Brooks Orpik!!!!"
    "From the New York Rangers, at left wing, number 61, Rick Nash!!!!"
    "From the Ottawa Senators, on defense, number 65, Erik Karlsson!!!!"
    "From the Montreal Canadiens, on defense, number 76, P.K. Subban!!!!"
    "From the Toronto Maple Leafs, at right wing, number 81, Phil Kessel!!!!"
    "From the Dallas Stars, at left wing, number 90, Jason Spezza!!!!"
    "From the New York Islanders, at center, number 91, John Tavares!!!!"
    "From the Colorado Avalanche, at right wing, number 92, Gabriel Landeskog!!!!"
    "From YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, at left wing, number 19, Scott Hartnell!!!!"
    "From YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, in goal, number 72, Sergei Bobrovsky!!!!"
    "And from YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, on defense, the captain, number 7, Jack Johnson!!!!"
    "The Head Coach for Team Johnson, from the Los Angeles Kings, Darryl Sutter!!!! His assistants, from the Colorado Avalanche, Patrick Roy!!!! And from YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, Todd Richards!!!!"

    (Crowd cheers)

    "One more time, let's hear it for YOUR 2015 NHL All Stars!!!!"
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  • I visit a lot of sites frequently including THN. Every so often, I try to post on the forums and I get the error message saying "Please clear the cookies in your browser." Why do we have to clear the cookies every so often? I'm not violating any terms of use as mentioned in the secondary notice on the error message. Also, every time I clear my cookies, some of my browsing history gets deleted and I also get logged out of my accounts on several sites including Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. I don't know why we have to do this. Is there any way we can fix this problem?
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  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic No more Phoenix in the forums.
    They did just that. And they did because they're the only hockey team in Arizona lol
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  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic Mike Ribeiro bought out in the forums.
    Remember when the Coyotes signed forward Mike Ribeiro as a free agent last summer? They signed him to a four year contract. He should have been signed to a one year contract because today, they bought out the remaining three years. He will be a free agent once again in 3 days. Why on Earth would they buy him out? He was great on the power play, he has great vision, and he can pass very well. What do you 'Yotes fans think of this move? I think it's a bad move. We'll now have to see which free agents are good and available and which players signing will make a splash for us.
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  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic Trade and Draft Update in the forums.
    Before the first round of the draft today, the Penguins have traded forward James Neal to the Nashville Predators in exchange for forwards Patric Hornqvist and Nick Spaling. In the first round of the draft, they chose Kaspari Kapanen, who is the son of former NHL player Sami Kapanen. What do you guys think about the pre-draft trade and the selection in the first round of the draft?
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