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  • Dashvandy87 Coyotes miss the playoffs again..... what a shame..... maybe next year
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  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic GM Mike Gillis fired, Trevor Linden steps in in the forums.
    On Wednesday, the Canucks fired president and General Manager, Mike Gillis because of the team missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008. Former Canuck captain, Trevor Linden was hired today to take Gillis' place. What do you 'Nucks fans think about this change? Here's a fact, all 4 Western Canadian teams (Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver) have missed the playoffs and out of the 3 Eastern Canadian teams, only Montreal is in the playoffs. Ottawa and Toronto have been eliminated. The Habs are the only Canadian team to make the playoffs this year
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  • I have made another revision. I found a better defenseman to represent the Dallas Stars. Here are the revised rosters with the P.A. announcer's script:

    "Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls of all ages!!!! Welcome to the 60th NHL All Star Game!!!! Now let's meet your 2015 NHL All Stars!!!!"

    "First, let's meet Team Crosby!!!"

    "From the Phoenix Coyotes, on defense, number 3, Keith Yandle!!!!!"
    "From the Edmonton Oilers, at left wing, number 4, Taylor Hall!!!!"
    "From the Calgary Flames, on defense, number 5, Mark Giordano!!!!!"
    "From the Nashville Predators, on defense, number 6, Shea Weber!!!!!"
    "From the San Jose Sharks, at right wing, number 8, Joe Pavelski!!!!!"
    "From the Winnipeg Jets, at left wing, number 9, Evander Kane!!!!!"
    "From the Carolina Hurricanes, at right wing, number 11, Jordan Staal!!!!!"
    "From the Carolina Hurricanes, at center, number 12, Eric Staal!!!!!"
    "From the Florida Panthers, at left wing, number 16, Aleksander Barkov!!!!!"
    "From the Pittsburgh Penguins, at right wing, number 18, James Neal!!!!!"
    "From the Phoenix Coyotes, at right wing, number 19, Shane Doan!!!!!"
    "From the Minnesota Wild, on defense, number 20, Ryan Suter!!!!!"
    "From the San Jose Sharks, on defense, number 22, Dan Boyle!!!!!"
    "From the New York Rangers, on defense, number 27, Ryan McDonagh!!!!!"
    "From the Pittsburgh Penguins, in goal, number 29, Marc-Andre Fleury!!!!!"
    "From the Boston Bruins, on defense, number 33, Zdeno Chara!!!!!"
    "From the Phoenix Coyotes, in goal, number 41, Mike Smith!!!!!"
    "From the Chicago Blackhawks, in goal, number 50, Corey Crawford!!!!!"
    "From the Buffalo Sabres, on defense, number 57, Tyler Myers!!!!!"
    "From the Pittsburgh Penguins, at center, number 71, Evgeni Malkin!!!!!"
    "From the Chicago Blackhawks, at left wing, number 81, Marian Hossa!!!!!"
    "From the Tampa Bay Lightning, at right wing, number 91, Steven Stamkos!!!!!"
    "And from the Pittsburgh Penguins, at center, the captain, number 87, Sidney Crosby!!!!!"

    "Now, let's meet Team Johnson!!!!!"

    "From the Colorado Avalanche, in goal, number 1, Semyon Varlamov!!!!!"
    "From the Chicago Blackhawks, on defense, number 2, Duncan Keith!!!!!"
    "From the Dallas Stars, on defense, number 6, Trevor Daley!!!!!"
    "From the Los Angeles Kings, on defense, number 8, Drew Doughty!!!!!"
    "From the Minnesota Wild, at center, number 11, Zach Parise!!!!!"
    "From the Detroit Red Wings, at right wing, number 14, Gustav Nyquist!!!!!"
    "From the Anaheim Ducks, at right wing, number 15, Ryan Getzlaf!!!!!"
    "From the New Jersey Devils, at left wing, number 17, Michael Ryder!!!!!"
    "From the St. Louis Blues, at left wing, number 20, Alexander Steen!!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at left wing, number 22, Daniel Sedin!!!!!"
    "From the Washington Capitals, on defense, number 27, Karl Alzner!!!!!"
    "From the Philadelphia Flyers, at center, number 28, Claude Giroux!!!!!"
    "From the Montreal Canadiens, in goal, number 31, Carey Price!!!!!"
    "From the Vancouver Canucks, at center, number 33, Henrik Sedin!!!!!"
    "From the Florida Panthers, on defense, number 44, Erik Gudbranson!!!!!"
    "From the New York Rangers, at left wing, number 61, Rick Nash!!!!!"
    "From the Ottawa Senators, on defense, number 65, Erik Karlsson!!!!!"
    "From the Montreal Canadiens, on defense, number 76, P.K. Subban!!!!!"
    "From the Toronto Maple Leafs, at right wing, number 81, Phil Kessel!!!!!"
    "From the New York Islanders, at center, number 91, John Tavares!!!!!"
    "From the Colorado Avalanche, at right wing, number 92, Gabriel Landeskog!!!!!"
    "From YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, at center, number 19, Ryan Johansen!!!!!"
    "From YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, in goal, number 72, Sergei Bobrovsky!!!!!"
    "And from YOUR Columbus Blue Jackets, on defense, the captain, number 7, Jack Johnson!!!!!"

    "One more time, let's hear it for YOUR 2015 NHL All Stars!!!!!"
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  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic Frozen Four in the forums.
    This is a tough decision. Boston College, Minnesota, and North Dakota are the schools on my list for where I want to transfer to after my second year of Junior College. I think it's going to come down to BC and Minnesota. I don't know who will win though, they both have good programs.
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  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic FOR SALE: Reebok 6K Pump skates, size 7.0 D in the forums.
    Cool. Where is your rink anyway? I see you're from Medina. What state is that in? I'm in California and I don't know how much it would cost for me to ship them over there
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  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic Every NHL Team in 5 Words or Less in the forums.
    I have decided to revise what I said for every team:

    Anaheim: Magic of Disneyland
    Boston: Boston strong
    Buffalo: Maybe next year
    Calgary: Extinguished flames
    Carolina: Staal brothers show
    Chicago: Can we do it again
    Colorado: MacKinnon for Calder Trophy
    Columbus: We want Nash back
    Dallas: We love Seguin
    Detroit: City of rookies
    Edmonton: King of drafts
    Florida: Welcome back Luongo
    Los Angeles: Kopitar in Hollywood
    Minnesota: Moulson and Pominville show
    Montreal: Lone playoff team from Canada
    Nashville: Hockey for rednecks
    New Jersey: We want Kovalchuk back
    New York Islanders: We want Vanek back
    New York Rangers: More young talent
    Ottawa: Ryan plus Spezza equals magic
    Philadelphia: Broad Street Goons
    Phoenix: Glad we stayed
    Pittsburgh: Stacked again sort of
    St. Louis: Home of the shootout Olympian
    San Jose: Don't choke again
    Tampa Bay: Stammer time
    Toronto: Our leafs are now mulch
    Vancouver: Adios Roberto
    Washington: Ovechchoke
    Winnipeg: Die jets die
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  • Dashvandy87 thanks for the post Every NHL Team in 5 Words or Less in the forums.
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  • Dashvandy87 replied to the topic NHL 14 Cover in the forums.
    Martin Brodeur is on the cover of NHL 14. They announced it last year during the NHL awards. Who do you think will be on the cover of NHL 15?
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  • Dashvandy87 created a new topic FOR SALE: Reebok 6K Pump skates, size 7.0 D in the forums.
    I'm selling a pair of Reebok 6K Pump senior ice hockey skates, size 7.0 D. They have a little bit of wear and tear, but they are still in good condition. Email me at __KRN__ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it__KRN__ for more information or pictures of the skates. Hopefully I can get these sold as I no longer use them.
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  • Due to all the trades that occurred this year as well as possible free agency for next year, here are my revised picks. And because Gaborik is no longer in Columbus, the new captain representing the Blue Jackets will be Jack Johnson. Here are my revised picks:

    Team Crosby


    4. Taylor Hall (Oilers)
    8. Joe Pavelski (Sharks)
    9. Evander Kane (Jets)
    11. Jordan Staal (Hurricanes)
    12. Eric Staal (Hurricanes)
    16. Aleksander Barkov (Panthers)
    18. James Neal (Penguins)
    19. Shane Doan (Coyotes)
    71. Evgeni Malkin (Penguins)
    81. Marian Hossa (Blackhawks)
    91. Steven Stamkos (Lightning
    87. Sidney Crosby (captain, Penguins)


    3. Keith Yandle (Coyotes)
    5. Mark Giordano (Flames)
    6. Shea Weber (Predators)
    20. Ryan Suter (Wild)
    22. Dan Boyle (Sharks)
    27. Ryan McDonagh (Rangers)
    33. Zdeno Chara (Bruins)
    57. Tyler Myers (Sabres)


    29. Marc-Andre Fleury (Penguins)
    41. Mike Smith (Coyotes)
    50. Corey Crawford (Blackhawks)

    Team Johnson


    11. Zach Parise (Wild)
    14. Gustav Nyquist (Red Wings)
    15. Ryan Getzlaf (Ducks)
    17. Michael Ryder (Devils)
    19. Ryan Johansen (Blue Jackets)
    20. Alexander Steen (Blues)
    22. Daniel Sedin (Canucks)
    28. Claude Giroux (Flyers)
    33. Henrik Sedin (Canucks)
    61. Rick Nash (Rangers)
    81. Phil Kessel (Maple Leafs)
    91. John Tavares (Islanders)
    92. Gabriel Landeskog (Avalanche)


    2. Duncan Keith (Blackhawks)
    8. Drew Doughty (Kings)
    27. Karl Alzner (Capitals)
    33. Alex Goligoski (Stars)
    44. Erik Gudbranson (Panthers)
    65. Erik Karlsson (Senators)
    76. P.K. Subban (Canadiens)
    7. Jack Johnson (captain, Blue Jackets)


    1. Semyon Varlamov (Avalanche)
    31. Carey Price (Canadiens)
    72. Sergei Bobrovsky (Blue Jackets)
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  • I created 2 custom teams on NHL 14. I have one team that represents Atlanta, uses the Thrashers' logo, except when I looked in the list for a team name, Thrashers was not on the list. I don't know why they don't have a section where you can make up a team name. Anyways, there were 3 bird names, so I chose "Condors". I also made their colors on the equipment and jerseys just like the Thrashers' and as for the roster, it's stacked. My other team, from San Francisco, have the same colors and logo of the San Jose Sharks, but they're called the "Barracudas". Their roster has a bunch of players I created using the info from ECHL teams and some present minor league players in the game. The only NHL player on the Barracudas is former Sharks and current Islanders goaltender, Evgeni Nabokov. For my Atlanta team, here is my roster, with their jersey numbers. Who do you have on your created teams? Tell me who you have.

    My Atlanta Condors


    Dany Heatley (#15)
    Marian Hossa (#18)
    Nick Foligno (#69)
    Ilya Kovalchuk (#17)
    Clarke MacArthur (#16)
    David Clarkson (#71)
    Zach Parise (#9)
    Antoine Vermette (#50)
    Jason Spezza (#19)
    Bobby Ryan (#
    Jordan Eberle (#14)
    Raffi Torres (#13)
    Maxim Lapierre (#40)


    Zdeno Chara (#33)
    Dion Phaneuf (#3)
    Tobias Enstrom (#39)
    Marc Methot (#6)
    Matt Carkner (#7)
    Luke Schenn (#22)
    Anton Volchenkov (#28)
    Andrej Meszaros (#41)


    Kari Lehtonen (#32)
    Johan Hedberg (#1)
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  • Last night, the Stars were at home against Columbus when in the middle of the first period while the Jackets had a 1-0 lead on a goal by Nathan Horton, the Stars' Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench. He is known to have had a history of problems with his heart. The game was stopped and eventually called while Peverley was being taken off the ice by the Stars' and Blue Jackets' medical staff. He was then taken to a hospital in Dallas where he was found conscious and alert. The game had been called with 17:05 left in the first period and will be rescheduled for sometime later. Let's hope Peverley is ok because he is a good player.
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