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Oct 22, 2011
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  • crewchief replied to the topic RICK NASH TRADE??? in the forums.
    I agree, and i am getting tired of hearing about all the other things he is doing. While that may be true, thats not what he gets paid for. So yes, i wouldnt mind seeing him get traded. And i also wouldnt mind seeing Girardi go, he hasnt shown me anything special in quite a while and he is a big hit on the cap.
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  • crewchief created a new topic So i's coachin in Omaha in the forums.
    And Eddie Shore sends me this kid..................................
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  • crewchief created a new topic Much Better season in the forums.
    My team won the championship this season, in a 3-2 OT win. Hell of a season.
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  • crewchief created a new topic BIG DAY !!! in the forums.
    Start our season today. Both my own team , and the teams i coach, got JV and middle school this year, looking forward to a busy season....Lets drop the puck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • crewchief created a new topic Hockey Fights MS tournament in the forums.
    Got to play in the HockeyFights MS tournament last week, team did ok, finished up in 3rd, by virtue of a tie breaker. Biggest thrill was being able to play with my son, he is old enough now to play for our team, was a blast being on the ice with him as a player instead of his HS coach for a change.
    Pictures have been posted.
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  • crewchief replied to the topic Anyone Join a Summer league? in the forums.
    No shame in that, and i can tell you, they grow up fast, mine are 25 and 19, luckily, when they were small, they loved going to the rink when i played, and my wife was glad for the 2 hours of peace and quiet. Whats even cooler now is, i played in a tournament last week and my son was able to play on my team. Was a blast playing with him. My daughter had gotten into figure skating ( why i'm still broke) but she knows as much about hockey as any guy i know.
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  • crewchief replied to the topic Re: Anyone Join a Summer league? in the forums.
    uppercornerhockey wrote:
    Nice yeah... Now that summer is over... and I didn't join the league...

    Now I am faced with the Decision of joining a 16 game season for 400 bills

    I decided i would try out the D-league first because i don't need anything ultra competitive just want to supplement my ice time between one day on open on Friday and a game on Sunday.

    The only thing that is really stopping me is... i don't have the 400 bucks...

    Curious as to what league you are talking about, thats the same price i pay and we play on Sundays also????????
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