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Hockey goalie quotes - Some famous, some inspirational, some funny

Hockey goalie quotes - Some famous, some inspirational, some funny

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Some good quotes by some great goalies about life between the pipes. Goaltending is certainly a sport within a sport if you know what I mean..

“It’s the only way I can support my family. If I could do it another way, I wouldn’t be playing goal.” – Glenn Hall

“Goaltending is a suffering position. Your equipment protects you from injury, but not from pain, every time you go out there. And if you allow a goal, the red lights go on for everyone to see. But you get to be a hero too!” – Kevin Constantine

“Because there wasn’t enough time to play 54” – Grant Fuhr , after being asked how he could play 36 holes of golf in the middle of the Stanley Cup Finals

“Sixty minutes of hell” – Glenn Hall

“The goalie is like the guy on the minefield. He discovers the mines and destroys them. If you make a mistake, somebody gets blown up.” – Arturs Irbe

“Only Dunlop has seen more rubber than I have” – Dominik Hasek

“Quit while there is still time – at about 12 or 13 years of age!” – Gilles Gratton

“The pressure is unreal. Most of the goalkeepers they feel the pressure. The only ones that don’t worry are the ones too dumb to know what’s happening to them.” – Tony Esposito

“The quintessential bad-luck position. Pucks can go off bodies, skates, bounce into the net.” – Mike Liut

“Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through.” – Jacques Plante

“Goaltender is a normal job. Sure ! How would you like it if at your job, every time you made the slightest mistake a little red light went on over your head and 18,000 people stood up and screamed at you?” -Jacques Plante

“Because the demands on the goalie are mostly mental, it means that for a goalie the biggest enemy is himself. Not a puck, not a opponent, not a quirk of size or style. The stress and anxiety he feels when he plays, the fear of failing, the fear of being embarrassed, the fear of being physically hurt, all symptoms of his position, in constant ebb and flow, but never disappearing. The successful goalie understands these neuroses, accept them, and put them under control. The unsuccessful goalie is distracted by them, his mind in knots. His body quickly follows.” – Ken Dryden

“Most fans go wild when they see a goalie make what looks like a great save, but the chances are what they are seeing is a save that was made from being out of position.” – Mike Richter

“The only job worse is a javelin catcher at a track- and- field meet.” – Lorne Worsley

“There is no position in sport as noble as goaltending.” – Valdislav Tretiak

“The day they put me in net I had a good game. I’ve stayed there ever since.” – Terry Sawchuk

“I would always ask myself, ‘do you like to practice? ‘ And I always enjoy going to practice, and that’s why I never quit.” – Tim Thomas

“I’d like to thank my teammates. Without them , I can’t win the Vezina Trophy. Goaltending is the most team dependant position that there is in hockey.” – Tim Thomas

“You don’t have to be crazy to play goal, but it helps.” – Bernie Parent

“Nobody wanted to win more than I did. Nobody !” – Ed Giacomin

“Goaltending beats top notch scoring anytime!” – Eddie Giacomin

“I’d like to hear them be a bit more creative, though. I’ve heard ‘you’re a sieve, you stink’ my whole life and you can tell it’s obviously affected me.” – Ryan Miller

“We are the short of people that make health insurance popular.” – Terry Sawchuk

“My focus was always first and foremost to stop the puck. I never let the other players on the other team get to me.” – Andy Moog

“I just made up my mind I was going to lose teeth and have my face cut to pieces. It was easy.” – Johnny Bower , on deciding to become a goalie

“The Rangers!” – Lorne Worsley , then New York Ranger Goaltender, when asked which team gave him the most problems.

“In biblical times, I stoned people to death. Now they are repaying me by hurling pucks at my head.” – Gilles Gratton

“Roses are red, violets are blue, they got ten, we only got two.” – Gerry Cheevers

“I can’t hear what Jeremy says because my ears are blocked with my two Stanley Cup Rings.” – Patrick Roy

“I play a position where you make mistakes. The only people that don’t make them at a hockey game are the people watching.” – Patrick Roy

“There’s an old saying that when it gets tough the tough get going. You have to work your way through these things.” – Ed Belfour

“Little Alan Bester, I’ve often said, has seen more rubber than a dead skunk on the Trans-Canada highway.” – Don Cherry

“I don’t fear stopping a 100 mph slap shot. I fear not stopping it!” – Roberto Luongo

“If you focus on your technique and your technique is perfect, you will have success.” – Benoit Allaire

“It is pretty tough for a goalie when you look at it. You’re always the last line of defense. If you let a goal in, you can’t go to the bench and hide between the guys or anything” – Kirk McLean

“Sometimes you can press a little bit and you’re trying to do too much and you’re trying too hard. You want to win so bad and you want to help the team so badly that you end up trying too much instead of letting the play come to you.” – Ed Belfour

“Playing goal is like being shot at.” – Jacques Plante

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I especially liked the one about being the javelin catcher and the one about being crazy. It's true, nobody understands goalies like goalies do!

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I like Irbe's,Hasek's, and Plante's. Goalies are also the funniest people
He Scores! Oh, make me a milkshake Malkin!

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