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  • Defense77
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Opinions on the biggest question facing many Hockey parents. Your child has the ability to make the travel team. The cost difference is $3100 vs $1600 for House Hockey. Is it worth the extra money ? Would that extra $1500 be more beneficial if it was spent on Hockey camps in the summer ? If the ice time is equal for House but your child is on the third line and playing limited minutes playing travel is it still in your childs best interest ? Travel Hockey vs House Hockey ! Your opinions on the whole subject ?

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  • sopranokris
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From my own experience, the cost-benefit for House vs. Travel was a no-brainer. My son gets more ice time being on the House team and we don't have to travel all over the state (and out of state) for tournaments. I can use the money I save for one-on-one training, camps, etc. He seems much happier playing House. He's still a Pee Wee right now, so he might want to get back in to travel down the road, but it'll be his decision.

I want hockey to be fun for him. Travel can sometimes get a little nutty if you're in a poorly run organization. The group we're with now hosts both House & Travel programs. The Travel program has 2 levels, so the kids are still placed at the appropriate level for their skills. They are very organized and the families are wonderful. I would feel comfortable allowing my son to switch to Travel, if that's what he wants to do. But again, I want him to do what makes him happy and right now, that's being fulfilled by playing House. Which is great for my pocketbook!

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I would say you want to play at a level where you get a lot of ice time, but are not the best player on the team. If you are the best player on the team, you should move up a level
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House without a doubt. Use the extra grand or so on camps to improve skills so the third line status can be bumped up, preparing the player for their next hockey endeavor.
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It all depends on what team your child would make at the travel level. Bronze teams are equal to or not as good as some house teams. But, playing on a higher level of travel could make a difference. The coaches at the travel level are more concerned about improving player talents as opposed to House coaches are likely to be parents of a kid on the team. Depending on the programs, practice slots could be different. It really just depends on whether or not you want to spend the money. You can still get better by playing house.
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I agree with George, being the best player on a team can sometimes hurt a players development, however a good coach should be able to spot this and challenge this player.
I take exception with Friar's comment I know some travel coaches who don't give a hoot about players all they care about is winning. as a house league coach I want my players to improve and move up. but mostly I want them to love the game and grow as young men and women. the odds of any of them making the pros or even D-1 are slim.
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