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About the Site


The Hockey Network launched September 23, 2011

The Hockey Network is the first social networking site developed specifically for hockey players, fans, and parents.

We took everything hockey, put it all in one place, and made it easy to use

-Social networking, hockey style

-Discussion for all areas of hockey

-Hockey equipment reviews

-Free marketplace to sell old gear

-Rink locator

-Store locator

-Camp directory with reviews

-THN Points Store, earn points for using the site, redeem points for free stuff

-The site is completely free to use

USA_Hockey_Magazine_ReviewClick to read the USA Hockey Magazine Review


We recommend you register and log-in yourself to truly experience The Hockey Network.

Joining The Hockey Network is free and only takes a minute

How are people hearing about The Hockey Network?



Read the review of our website, featured in USA Hockey Magazine's October 2011 Issue


You may have seen The Hockey Network's commercials on NHL Network. These aren't your local car dealership commercials, these are HD commercials, filmed with a professional film and lighting crew at Steiner Studios. You can check them out on our Youtube Page


We already have over 20,000 fans on Facebook, and they are highly engaged with our Facebook page.


We have over 4,000 followers on Twitter, and they are also very engaged with our Twitter.

newspaper-icon From bloggers to hockey radio shows, everyone is talking about The Hockey Network. Click here to see what they are saying


People love our site



TheHockeyNetwork.com is an AMAZING web site!!!

-Eric D. Ricafort, on Facebook

Out sick from school, really love this site. Who doesn't?

-littlelefty1218 on The Hockey Network

Best site EVER!!!

-Eddie Bower on Facebook

Great job on an awesome site. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

-hockeygod52 on The Hockey Network



Hockey's Home Online

          The future of the internet is niche websites, which is why we created The Hockey Network, to be the ultimate site for hockey fans, players, and parents. The Hockey Network is the ideal place if you are looking to market a company, product, or service to the hockey industry. Our users are engaged, loyal, and passionate about hockey. Our community is full of people that spend their disposable income on hockey related products.


          According to a Simmons Market Research study, NHL fans are younger, more educated, more affluent, and access content through digital means more than any other sport. According to Mediamark Research Inc's study of registered hockey players in the United States, hockey families have an average household income of $128,900 which is twice the national average.




Target your exact audience

If you want to target the hockey industry, sure, there are a lot of choices out there. But what if you just want to target hockey parents? Or just 14 year-old hockey players? Or just 17 year-old hockey goalies from New York? Now for the first time, you can do that.*

You can choose your audience by


-Geographic Location


-Favorite NHL team

-Player, parent, fan, coach, or in the business

-And more


*This feature is coming soon - Estimated availability April 2012

Advertising & Partnership Options


Banner Advertising

          Our Banner Advertising was built to be an advertiser's dream while also not bothering our users. We made it a leader-board (728 by 90). It is above the fold (you don't have to scroll down to see it), but it isn't at the very top of the page, so users don't miss it. There is only one ad banner on the page. The ad banner is in the same spot on every single page to send a consistent message. Rather than sticking the banner in random spots like other websites, it was strategically built into the site design, so unlike other sites, users do not subconsciously block the banner out of their view. We did this by making the site look like a hockey rink, and putting the ad banner where users are used to seeing things, on the hockey boards. Users absorb your ad rather than blocking it out in their peripheral vision. Use the site yourself and you'll see. Our Banner Advertising is a powerful branding tool in addition to above average click-through-rates.

          We are currently upgrading our banner advertising system to be state of the art. Right now, we can still set up banner ads, but they must show up to all users. In the future, you will be able to order and set up a banner ad yourself with a few clicks on our website, similar to Facebook's advertising program, and pick your specific audience. Estimated availability - March 2012

Budget: No minimum


Rate: $5.00 CPM (cost per thousand impressions)


Availability: Roughly 300,000 banner impressions per month, space currently available


Audience: Everybody.

Specific. You can pick exactly who you want your banner to show up to. Maybe you want only hockey players, or only hockey fans. Maybe you want only 15 year-olds. Maybe you want only goalies. Maybe you want only Boston Bruins fans. Maybe you want only people in Minnesota. You get to choose your exact audience. (coming April 2012)


Click to Enlarge

See top right ad banner spot



Ice Sponsorship

          Just like how we designed the website to look like a hockey rink, the advertising possibilities function similar to a hockey rink too. The Ice Sponsorship is where we integrate your company logo into the site design, over the ice background on the left and right sides. Your logo will appear every few inches down both the left and right side of every page on the site. If interested, contact us and we will design and send you a mock-up of how your logo would appear.

Budget: Minimum $950


Rate: $950 per month

Availability: Only one Ice Sponsorship at a time, currently available

Audience: Everybody


Click to Enlarge

See Gatorade logos on left and right side



THN Points Store

          The THN Points Store is the ultimate hockey rewards program and it is very easy to use. Members earn points for using The Hockey Network. Then they can redeem those points in the THN Points Store for stuff. It was developed to keep users coming back to The Hockey Network and give companies a place to offer free samples, coupons, and more. We promote items in the THN Points store through banner ads on our site, our Facebook, our Twitter, and our mailing list as reasons to join and use The Hockey Network. Users frequently check the store.

Budget: No minimum


Rate: Just the cost of any items or a coupon you'd like put in the THN Points Store.

Availability: Space for new items currently available.


Audience: Everybody.


Click to Enlarge

Example of a coupon in the store

Click here to visit the THN Points Store



Email Blast

          We have a newsletter called the Puckhead Post that we send out around once a month. We talk about new things on The Hockey Network, contests, etc. Users can choose whether they want to be a part of our mailing list during registration, and can opt out at anytime. Currently 72% of users are on the mailing list. We don't directly just sell the right to email blast our mailing list. Instead we offer it as possible added value for advertisers and partners.

Budget: Possible added value for advertisers and partners


Rate: N/A


Availability: We only send it once per week at most


Audience: All of our users that are subscribed to our mailing list




Facebook and Twitter

          Our Facebook and Twitter are already extremely popular. We have over 18,000 fans on Facebook and 4,000 followers on Twitter. We include Facebook and Twitter promotion for all advertisers and partners.

Budget: Added value for advertisers and partners


Rate: N/A


Availability: Unlimited


Audience: Over 20,000 combined Facebook and Twitter fans/followers






Sponsored/Partner Forum - Blogs wanted!

          This is ideal for blogs. Our goal is to link up each individual forum with a strategic partner. The partner must offer some kind of news, information, or resource for users and may not just be a store or product. For example, we would link the New York Rangers forum to a New York Rangers blog. And in return that New York Rangers blog would have a link on their site to our New York Rangers forum.

Requirement: Must be a complimentary/relevant website with information on the specific topic


Rate: Done on a case by case basis, but usually just linking back to us is all we ask


Availability: Only one per forum section


Audience: Just that specific forum


Click to Enlarge

See Rangers Tribune banner space



          We love running contests. If you are willing to give away a hockey related product, we are happy to run a sponsored contest on our site. We don't charge you anything, the only cost to you is the product that you decide to give away. We promote contests through our site, our Facebook, and our Twiter. Your company and the product you are giving away will get a ton of exposure. And the best part is, we do all the work for you. We set it up, promote it, run it, and notify the winner. All you have to do is send them the prize. The higher the value of the prize, the longer the contest will last and the more exposure it will get.

        Budget: Product must be valued at over $5

        Rate: N/A

        Availability: Space currently available

        Audience: Everyone - Our site, our Facebook, and our Twitter


Click here to see examples of
other contests we have run


Got an idea that isn't here? Talk to us!


Rates and availability are subject to change at any time without notice and this page may not represent the most current rates. To guarantee you are getting the most current rate and availability, please contact us.

Strategic Partnerships



If you think your company or website can help The Hockey Network grow, please contact us. We are always looking to form strategic partnerships that can be mutually beneficial. We understand that cross promotion of complimentary websites through links is one of the keys to building an online community across the globe. We are flexible! Talk to us about how you can help The Hockey Network and how you'd like us to help you. We are open to exploring all ideas.


Contact Us


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  (George Steiner, Director of Advertising and Partnerships)

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