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The Hockey Network launched September 23, 2011

The Hockey Network is the first social networking site developed specifically for hockey players, fans, and parents.

We took everything hockey, put it all in one place, and made it easy to use

-Social networking, hockey style

-Discussion for all areas of hockey

-Hockey equipment reviews

-Free marketplace to sell old gear

-Rink locator

-Store locator

-Camp directory with reviews

-THN Points Store, earn points for using the site, redeem points for free stuff

-The site is completely free to use

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Read the review of our website, featured in USA Hockey Magazine's October 2011 Issue


You may have seen The Hockey Network's commercials on NHL Network. These aren't your local car dealership commercials, these are HD commercials, filmed with a professional film and lighting crew at Steiner Studios. You can check them out on our Youtube page


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People love our site



TheHockeyNetwork.com is an AMAZING web site!!!

-Eric D. Ricafort, on Facebook

Out sick from school, really love this site. Who doesn't?

-littlelefty1218 on The Hockey Network

Best site EVER!!!

-Eddie Bower on Facebook

Great job on an awesome site. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

-hockeygod52 on The Hockey Network



Interview with George Steiner, founder of The Hockey Network


When did you start the site?

The site has been a dream of mine since I was in high school. I didn’t have the time back then. I finally started building the site in January 2011. It looks good, it’s easy to use, and it’s completely free. I’d like to give a special thanks to Tim Bradbury, he’s done an amazing job developing the website, without him, I don’t know where we would be.


Why did you start the site?

I was tired of using different websites for different areas of hockey. Growing up, I had to go to one site to find directions to the rink, another for high school hockey news/discussion, and another for the New Jersey Devils. Also, I wanted a site that feels like hockey. So, the site has hockey boards at the top, ice in the background, and hockey graphics mixed in all over the place.


Tell us a little bit about what one can do on here.

Wow, where to begin... it’s like Facebook for hockey, but it’s really a lot more than that, and everything is specific to hockey. Members can interact with other people in the hockey community, from all over the world. You can send messages to other users, add friends, groups, pictures, and manage your own profile page. However, instead of asking what school you go to, or where you work, The Hockey Network asks: what’s your favorite NHL team, what hockey team do you play for, who’s your favorite player, what’s your position, etc. Yet, you don’t have to use all the social networking aspects of the site to enjoy The Hockey Network and find it useful.



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So, if I’m not into all this social networking stuff, and I just want to find directions to a hockey rink, how easy is that?

Very easy. You don’t have to be registered with the site. Just go to TheHockeyNetwork.com and click the “Rinks” button. Our hockey rink finder picks up your location automatically, and helps you get information, directions, reviews, etc.


Parents are always stuck with old hockey equipment; can they sell used equipment on your site?

Yes, and it is completely free. Free to list your item, free to sell your item, there are no fees. Just register for the site (free too!) and post your equipment; our market place is located near the bottom of the homepage.


Some of the toughest problems hockey players and parents face is picking out camps and equipment. How can The Hockey Network help?

I remember when I was a teenager, picking out a hockey camp; I had to visit 40 different websites. At TheHockeyNetwork.com, just click on the “Camps” button and you can find camps and read reviews. Search by camp name or area. Researching what kind of hockey equipment to buy was just as tough. Now, just visit our equipment review forums at the bottom of the homepage. Equipment reviews are neatly organized into categories, so you can read up on helmets, pads, sticks, etc. When you’re ready to buy, click our hockey store locator button.


What are some other features on the site?

It is an online community for hockey discussion and interaction in addition to information. The Hockey Network covers everything, whether it’s local youth hockey, high school hockey, NHL, juniors, or college hockey. We have something called Karma, where you can give +/- to other users, which helps highlight the positive contributors. Our points system rewards our users. After you sign up for the site, every time you visit the site or post a message, you earn THN Points. These points can be used in our THN Points Store to buy things like hats and t-shirts.


Why should people sign up?

Because everyone else is doing it? Just kidding. The site provides things that people in the hockey community need. They are all together in one place, it’s easy to use, and the site looks pretty cool. If you play hockey, watch hockey, work in the hockey business, or your kids play hockey, the site has something to offer you. Check it out now!





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